Drift is deadly…some real reasons why I gained weight

Drift is deadly…some real reasons why I gained weight
One thing that I’ve learned over this last week is that drift is deadly.
Here’s the deal- when I went in for my weekly doctor appointment with my metabolic doctor, I had dropped 10 pounds in one week.  10 pounds.
Granted, I was on an insane detox diet that is not sustainable; however, this amount of weight loss is not typical (3-5 pounds is).
The good news?  It means my metabolism is much faster than he originally thought (thank you strength training and actually eating!), but it also shed a light on a lot of bad habits that I had fallen back into:
  • sneaking bites of my girls’ mac and cheese, donuts, goldfish, etc.
  • keeping “trigger” foods in the house (for me, it’s cereal and trail mix-once I start I can’t stop!)
  • having Halo Top ice cream nightly (the whole pint….)
  • always needing a little “something” after dinner
  • only tracking the foods that I wanted to admit to, not the ones that I had actually eaten
the difference between these pictures is 1 week. It’s amazing how much inflammation was happening in my body- all caused by what I was eating!
So much of this was an emotional response- I would use snacking as a way to “take a break” or have some alone time, instead of truly addressing the feeling I was experiencing.  And, my injury layered on top of all this didn’t help matters.  I would feel so stressed out about the fact that my injury wasn’t healed, that I would then turn to food for comfort.
I’m NOT ashamed of this.  It is what it is and I truly believe that sometimes it’s okay to eat for emotional reasons!!  Sometimes, the only thing that will make you feel better is a little ice cream, amiright? 😉
However, drift is deadly.  Those little bites, licks, and tastes really DID add up.  The foods that used to be “treats” became every day occurrences.  My cravings were out of control and I would give into them often.  I had no plan, thinking that I “knew” how to eat healthy and didn’t need to prep.
But the truth is, I do.
I need to plan my meals.  I need to make sure that I’m eating enough of the RIGHT things.  I need to pull out my containers that are tucked away in the bottom drawer and start using them.  I need to hold myself accountable.  Even when it’s hard.
And, guess what?  Not only do I feel 10x better because I don’t have so many inflammatory foods in my body, but my injury is finally feeling a million times better than it did.  It makes me realize that it’s not just about the quantity of calories, it’s the QUANTITY!
Because feeling this good is WAY better than a pint of Halo Top ;).
I DO need these containers! I dusted them off and have been using them consistently!
Shameless plug alert: if you struggle with this too, I’d love to help you be accountable!  I run monthly health and wellness groups where I help people meet their health and nutrition goals.  Would love to add you in…just email me or leave a comment that you’re interested and I’ll get back to you 🙂