How to carve out a consistent workout schedule…

How to carve out a consistent workout schedule…

One of the biggest hurdles around finding and sustaining a healthy lifestyle is turning working out and eating healthy into things you just do, instead of feeling like they are things you “should” be doing.

If you’re someone who finds themselves going full-on  with a workout routine and then falling off the wagon a couple of months later, these tips might be helpful.

1) First, know that you only need 30 minutes a day to really get results. If you’re working hard and putting in full effort, your body will change. Let go of the expectation that you need hours carved out to see gains at the gym. If you use your time wisely, and really push hard, you’ll see the results. In fact, many studies point to the fact that HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts are just as effective, if not more effective, than long cardio slogs.

2) Find an option that you can do from home. Sometimes our biggest hurdle is getting to the gym or making a class time work in our schedules. Personally, I love Beachbody on Demand because I can access over 500 kick ass workouts from home that kick my booty! In fact, sometimes I bring them TO the gym.

Here are some other tips that may help if consistently working out seems unmanageable:

1) Treat your workout like a doctor’s appointment. Literally write it into your calendar. You can’t miss it. Your commitment to yourself should be your first priority so that you can be the best version for everyone else.

2) Morning are typically the best time for people to workout because nothing is in your way during that time! If you struggle getting up 30 minutes earlier to get your workout in, start by setting your alarm back 10 minutes, then 15, and so on. Do as much as you can even if that means not doing the whole workout. Something is always better than nothing!

3) Make things as easy on yourself as possible. If you workout in the morning, set out your clothes the night before and put your pot of coffee on a timer so you have a treat when you wake up! If you like to go after work, take a route that goes by your gym and have your gym bag in your car ready to go!

4) Workout WITH your kids! I often do the workouts with my girls jumping around me! My girls actually like working out with me and will pick up my 3 pound weights to “get strong.” I also like the example it sets for them 🙂

Evie getting strong!


5) It always sucks at first, but it does get easier.

6) MODIFY. There is NO shame in modifying. Whether it’s a running workout or a strength training video, I often modify to get through. As time goes on  and you get stronger, you WILL be able to do it’

7) Break it up if you need to! 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there. It all works! Even if you don’t finish your workout, you’ll still have done something and everything counts! I love doing quick bursts of exercises like push-ups and body weight squats. It’s a great way to get the blood flowing.

Finally, working out should be somewhat enjoyable. If you find that you’re hating the workout it might just be that it’s not your workout love! That’s okay! Try something different or talk to your friends for recommendations. Some of us love high intensity and some of us love a moving meditation! It all works!

What are your favorite types of workouts?? Anyone else have a tip that makes working out easier?